What is Dual Agent Fire Protection?

Joseph Brookes
January 23, 2023

When considering means of fire protection, we commonly refer to both single-agent and dual-agent protection. Dual-agent fire protection combines two mediums of fire extinguishing agent to provide a higher standard of protection. In the case of the Reacton Dual Agent fire protection systems, we utilise technology from both wet chemical and dry powder mediums. These two extinguishing agents are highly effective on their own, but when combined together they have proven to remove their respective disadvantages and combine their advantages.

Most commonly, dual-agent fire protection is used for the engine compartments of heavy plant and machinery, mining equipment and vehicles and industrial equipment to provide a higher standard of protection from fires that breakout on these assets. The reason being for this is 62% of any of these fires start in the engine compartment which clearly identifies it as a vulnerable spot that is susceptible to fires. Whilst the fire suppression system protects the engine compartment, it does also provide full machine coverage to ensure that the vehicle is not destroyed by the devastating consequences of fire.

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As forestated, the dual-agent fire suppression system combines the advantages of both wet chemical and dry powder extinguishing agents. The advantages of both can be seen as follows:

Wet Chemical

Dry Powder

Excellent cooling properties

Instant fire knockdown

Great re-ignition protection

5 times more effective than water by weight

Durable blanketing/film-forming properties

Superior Coverage


Highest scoring extinguishing agent in the SPCR approval scoring a 10/10


The greatest advantage of the dual-agent system can be seen through the rapid knockdown and excellent coverage of dry powder, paired with the cooling properties of the wet chemical. This makes it the ultimate solution to protect the aforementioned assets. When a fire starts, Reacton’s UL-approved detection tube will burst which activates the system. The dry powder and wet chemical agents are released through the discharge network to combat the fire rapidly and effectively, ensuring that reignition is prevented.

Reacton are proud to hold the P-Mark SPCR 199 approval for our dual agent fire suppression system, by extension we were the first company to receive this approval and passed all of the tests with an A+ grading. This set an immensely high standard for the industry to meet the high quality of Reacton’s systems, something which we constantly strive for.

For more information on Reacton Fire Suppression products, please get in touch with the team by emailing info@reactonfire.com or call us on + 44 (0)800 0306526.

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