Mining Industry Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Our extensive experience in supplying fire suppression systems to mining equipment allows us to advise on the most suitable solutions for mining machinery such as dumpers, excavators, crushers, screeners, weigh feeders and drill rigs working in the most challenging conditions.

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Dump Trucks

Regardless of size, we can supply and fit bespoke systems to suit any dump truck carrying out mining activities. Our fire suppression systems can handle the toughest of conditions.



Excavators are the workhorses of any mining operation and Reacton Fire Suppression have systems that provide the most effective solution against the risk of major fire loss.


Drill Rigs

Extreme temperatures and friction can lead to sparking and high temperatures,  automatic fire suppression systems ensure your assets are protected from the risk of fire damage at all times.


Case Study

Reacton Fire Suppression is highly experienced in the mining sector.  Our most recent mining installation in Mongolia saw our teams 28 day trip fit suppression systems to 20 heavy vehicles. 

Reacton Systems help protect your business.

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Automatic Fire Suppression In The Mining Industry

The global mining industry is pivotal to the world’s economy, with industries across the globe depending on the supply of commodities from underground. In its search for, extraction, beneficiation and processing of naturally occurring solid minerals from the earth, mining is an industry that relies on plant machinery to do the heavy lifting.

Some of the biggest trucks on the planet are found working tirelessly at mines and are capable of moving extreme payloads in excess of 450 tonnes, which is more than a fully loaded Airbus A380. With multiple diesel engines generating 6 times more power than a Formula 1 racing car, these trucks operate around the clock in extreme conditions. Along with dozers, excavators, wheel loaders and shovels, these heavy lifters are relied on to keep these operations moving 24 hours a day.

Our High Performance System

When protecting vehicles that keep the transportation and logistics sector moving, your fire suppression products should meet or exceed the same vehicle testing standards that they were subject to.  This is exactly what Reacton have done.

Our transportation and logistics sector on road fire suppression system features include:

  • System & components tested to ISO 16750-3:2007
  • Corrosion resistance to ISO 21207:2016
  • Multi Port High Flow Discharge Valve
  • Robust detection system
  • Compact easy to install systems
  • High performance with low nozzle count
  • Dry and wet chemical
  • NFPA standard 17 and 17a
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The Importance Of Fire Suppression In Mining

Fire poses an ever present threat to mine operations, with over a third of fires originating from vehicles. A small fire in a mine, either on the surface or underground, can rapidly become catastrophic result in loss of life. Heat, flammable fluids and rapid air flow in engine bays culminate to provide a near perfect environment for fires to start.

Mining regulations can be complex and can differ significantly from country-to-country. But an unquestionable parallel is the approach to reducing fire risk. Which is why regulators, such as MSHA, advocate the installation of automatic fire suppression equipment, such as Reacton’s P-Mark 199 heavy vehicle accredited systems, in battery and engine compartments.


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