Fire Suppression Approvals & Certification

At Reacton our R&D team lead the way with state of the art in-house testing and simulation. Whilst this provides vital product knowledge and confidence in our system and components, we understand that it is very important to have all our outstanding innovation, performance and exceptional quality verified. The best way to do this is by third party approval & certification, meeting or exceeding the international standards and performing at the highest level in a controlled environment. This gives our customers the same confidence we always had.

Approvals & Certification
Reacton's range of global approvals and certification.

UL 2166

Having a system UL listed against the UL 2166 standard provides your product with the world's most recognised and adopted approval for Clean Agent systems.

Systems & Products wearing the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Mark demonstrates that you are focused on providing a secure, safe and sustainable offering to your customers. UL has been a leader and trusted name in safety science for more than 125 years, providing ultimate confidence that your products and systems have completed

UL 2166

AS 5062:2016

The AS-5062:2016 certification is a highly recognised standard for protection of mobile and transportable equipment across multiple sectors, including construction equipment, heavy plant & machinery and mining equipment.
AS 5062:2016


The P-Mark according to SPCR 183 has been developed for fire suppression systems in engine compartments of buses and coaches. With this global leading approval it ensures that your product can perform at the highest level in the most stringent and challenging conditions. Realistic and repeatable fire tests are performed then all components are put through the industry leading mechanical testing such as vibration, impact, corrosion and temperature cycling. Thorough factory production control of the manufacturer along with regular auditing provide the highest level of confidence with any system bearing the P-Mark logo 

Reacton achieved the highest score possible in the P-Mark SPCR 183 with a 10/10 rating (A+).

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PMark SPCR183 9KG Certificate

The highest performance PMARK 183 system in the world.


P-Mark according to SPCR 199 has been developed for fire suppression systems in engine compartments of heavy vehicles. This relatively new approval has already been quickly adopted and referenced as the benchmark for heavy vehicles.  All of the testing parameters shown in the P-Mark according to SPCR 183 are followed with the addition of a much more demanding pass criteria and extra tests for demonstrating the flexibility and performance of your system. Zero re-ignition is allowed and fire tests can be performed with a level of openness. 

Reacton achieved the highest score possible in the P-Mark SPCR 199 with a 10/10 rating and Level of openness rating of III (A+).

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PMark SPCR199 4KG - 4KG Certificate
PMark SPCR199 9KG - 6KG Certificate
PMark SPCR199 6KG - 6KG Certificate

The worlds first range of approved PMARK199 system.

UNECE Regulation 107

The UNECE Regulation 107 was developed to increase the safety of buses & coaches. It is a set of legislative documents that provide the framework through technical prescriptions and guidance documents for any contracting parties. This specifically looks at the installation and testing of fire suppression systems in engine compartments of all single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicle of category M2 or M3 and specifically vehicles having a capacity exceeding 22 passengers.

Reacton achieved the highest score possible in the UNECE Regulation 107 with a 4/4 rating.

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UNECE R107 4KG Certificate
UNECE R107 6KG Certificate
UNECE R107 9KG Certificate

UNECE R107 Certified Systems
A range of compact UNECE R107 systems.

ISO 9001:2015

Reacton take quality seriously and are focused on continuous improvement, that is why we ensure that we have BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Full reassurance that all our manufacturing and company operating procedures are covered with the strict quality management system certification from the BSI. 

BSI ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

BSI ISO 9001:2015
Quality control at every level.

CE Mark

On our equipment this signifies conformity with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for our high performance automatic fire suppression systems. Reacton's technical folder has been fully assessed by the BSI through their detailed examination of our design, manufacture, testing and inspection processes. 

BSI PED CE Certificate

CE Marked
Fully CE Marked & PED Compliant.


Gaining LPCB LPS 1666 guarantees our commitment to delivering a safe, tested and high-quality product to our customers. The approval is held for our range of direct clean agent electrical panel protection systems which include 3MTM NovecTM  1230 and Chemours FM-200TM .

A Range of LPS 1666 Electrical Panel Protection Systems

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