Vehicle Automatic Fire
Suppression Systems


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On Road Vehicle Automatic Fire Suppression

On Road Vehicle Fire Protection

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Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Reacton’s on road vehicle automatic fire suppression system is certified to deal with every fire scenario.  Our on road vehicle systems are certified to P-Mark SPCR 183 & UNECE R107. Our score and performance marking of A+ means our fire suppression system offers a complete fire protection solution. 

In addition to its extensive certification and performance standards, Reacton's on-road vehicle automatic fire suppression system incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovative design. The system's real-time monitoring and early detection capabilities ensure rapid response and effective suppression in the event of a fire.

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Bus, Coach & Passenger Vehicles
Automatic Fire suppression systems for all large and small passenger vehicles. Systems approved to PMark SPCR 183 & UNECE R107.
Heavy Goods Vehicles
With high risk loads carried by HGV's especially those with ADR cargo. Fitting automatic fire suppression reduces those risks.
Road Cranes & Lifting Equipment
Often operating for long periods of time in a static location the risk of fire can have devastating consequences.
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Boom Lifts & Cherry Pickers
Fitting a boom lift or cherry pickers with fire suppression help reduce the risk to operators.

What are the benefits of a Vehicle Fire
Suppression System?

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Protect Any Vehicle
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Easy To Install
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3 Year Warranty
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BSI ISO9001:2015
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No Electrical Power
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Rugged Design
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Reacton Systems help protect your business

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