On Road Vehicle
Automatic Fire Suppression

Most systems fitted on road vehicles and buses are typically foam or watermist based, however they can't extinguish certain types of fires found in engine compartments. The limitation of watermist and foam systems usually means hidden fires or large fires with high windspeed (created by large cooling fans) are not extinguished. These types of fires are incredibly common on vehicles and failure to extinguish them can create a potentially dangerous situation.

The solution is a Reacton Fire Suppression automatic vehicle fire suppression system that is certified to deal with every fire scenario. Our on road vehicle systems are certified to PMark SPCR 183 & UNECE R107. Our score and performance marking of A+ means our system offer a complete protection solution. Our systems have been tested to withstand vibration, salt corrosion, extreme temperature variation all while delivering A+ rated extinguishing performance.

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Buses & Coaches

Automatic Fire suppression systems for every range of large or small passenger vehicle. Systems approved to PMark SPCR 183 & UNECE R107

On-Road-ADR Truck

HGV & Goods Vehicles

With high risk loads carried by HGV's especially those with ADR cargo. Fitting automatic fire suppression reduces those risks.


Small Vehicles

While typically smaller vehicles carry a reduced risk they can operate in sensitive enviroments. Our small vehicle system keeps those involved safe.


Road Cranes & Lifting Equipment

Often operating for long periods of time in a static location the risk of fire can have devastating consequences.


Boom Lifts & Cherry Pickers

Fitting a boom lift or cherry pickers with fire suppression help reduce the risk to operators.


A+ Certified Systems 

Not all systems are created equal.

Delivering the very best protection for our customers comes from our core values. From engineering design through to product certification. Reacton ensures that all its systems and solutions deliver the maximum level of protection. 

Recent updates to PMark 183 & SP Method 4912 now shows system performance as a score from A+ to E. Its no surprise that Reacton's systems are all A+.


No Power, No Fuss

Detection systems that don't run out of battery!

Reacton's primary detection and activation method do not require any integrations with any electrical system. This ensures that whatever the condition of electrical components on the vehicle the system will react to a fire when one occurs. With just one monitored moving part they are the most reliable systems in the world.

What's the benefits of a Reacton Fire Suppression System?

Protect Any Vehicle

Designed to be flexible our range of on road vehicle fire suppression systems  can be fitted to any vehicle, without compromising on protection.

Easy to install

With a modular design & world class training, Reacton ensure that its simple for systems to be installed in on road vehicles that have limited room.

3 Year Warranty

Reacton on road vehicle systems carry a robust three year warranty that's only possible because of the robust engineering and quality that goes into every product.


The global standard in road vehicle fire suppression certification. Our systems are rated A+ in there ability to extinguish fires.


Starting at just 4KG our systems are lightest, highest performing and most robust on the market. Supported by world leading design and customer support.

BSI ISO9001:2015

Our quality management system audited by BSI ensures our products and procedures are amongst the best in the world.

No Electrical Power

With no reliance on electrical power or any interfacing the systems are always read to detect and operate regardless of battery condition.

Rugged Design

Tested for With almost all functional components constructed from stainless steel, vibration tested to ISO.


As a global business we ensure our products are compliant where ever they may be fitted. Cylinders are available in both CE & DOT specification.

Vehicle Fire Suppression News, Blog's and Updates

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