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Fire Suppression solutions  for the transportation and logistics industry.

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Artic & Haulage

Our fire suppression systems for Artics and HGVs ensure that in the event of fire, total loss is avoided which allows the driver to escape safely and provide damage limitation to both the vehicle and load.



Vans and commercial vehicles are the backbone to any transport operation. Reduce the risk of vehicles being off the road which could effect your business with fire suppression systems installed.



Our automatic fire suppression solutions are suitable for both cargo ships and port related operations such as cranes and forklifts.  You can find out more about these solutions HERE.


Buses & Coaches

Bus and coach fires are a common occurrence.  With so many lives at potential risk and the asset being of high value you can minimise the risk to both human life and limit damage to the vehicle.

Reacton Systems help protect your business.

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Transportation & Logistics Automatic Fire Suppression

In a world where we expect our online orders to be on our doorstep the next day, there's no wonder that last year saw $140 million of investment in the transportation and logistics sector. With demand for materials to move through supply chains faster, there is a growing need for goods to be moved across a growing transport network that can be relied on to operate 24/7, 365 days a year.  And if the the network fails, it can bring a business to a standstill, impacting revenue and seriously damaging its reputation.

Heavy goods vehicles and trucks are the workhorses of the roads which is why transport automatic fire suppression is so important.  Tirelessly transporting their heavy loads whilst navigating country borders, extreme weather and hazardous highways.  With HGVs weighing in at 44 tonnes and LHVs at 70 tonnes, high temperatures, rapid air flows and flammable fluids in engine bays combine to make the perfect environment for fire.

Vehicles account for 20% of all reported fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association, and in the UK alone over 21,000 vehicle fires were recorded in 2018/19.  With 62% of vehicle fires starting in the engine bay and 15% resulting in the vehicle being completely destroyed, it's not surprising that detailed investigations from leading transport authorities and fire protection agencies promote the installation of automatic fire suppression.

If a fire occurs, it relies on the driver of the vehicle to discover it and take appropriate action.  That could mean making a split second decision to tackle the flames or leave the fire to, resulting in serious injury and the vehicle being completely destroyed.

Logistics Automatic Fire Suppression takes away the need for human intervention.  Fitted in and around the high risk engine area, it activates within seconds of detecting a fire. This results in minimal or no downtime for the vehicle and removes the need to involve insurers, while providing fire protection for the driver, the vehicle, the load and the operation.

Our High Performance System

When protecting vehicles that keep the transportation and logistics sector moving, your fire suppression products should meet or exceed the same vehicle testing standards that they were subject to.  This is exactly what Reacton have done.

Our high quality transportation and logistics sector on road fire suppression system features include:

  • System & components tested to ISO 16750-3:2007
  • Corrosion resistance to ISO 21207:2016
  • Multi Port High Flow Discharge Valve
  • Robust detection system
  • Compact easy to install systems
  • High performance with low nozzle count
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Logistics Vehicle Fire Protection

The On Road vehicle category of fire solutions covers the Bus & Coach sector or passenger vehicle services (PSV). Millions of people rely on this method of transport and is a part of everyday life. This means a large amount of the population is exposed to potential fire risks on a regular basis.

These vehicles contain all the necessary ingredients for fires to not only start but propagate quickly. It is not just the fire itself that poses a threat, the by-products of combustion can quickly take over a bus or other forms of public transport and impede the safe exit of passengers.

Protecting life and allowing passengers and operators safe egress is a critical part of any risk assessment for these applications. It is important to know that Installing a Reacton® Automatic Fire Suppression System will provide a certified solution that has undergone rigorous testing by a globally recognised research institute.

Detailed investigations from the leading transport authorities & fire protection agencies promote the installation of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems on Buses & Coaches to try to reduce the risk to human life.

Such requirements can be seen with accreditation's such as the P-Mark SPCR 183 and the mandatory UNECE Regulation 107. Reacton® can fully support these with the wide range of approved systems all scoring the highest pass marks possible.

With over 800 fires a year being recorded in the U.K alone the integration of an effective suppression system is essential in providing a safe framework to modern transport vehicles.

The Reacton® systems provides total fire safety detecting and delivering the extinguishing agent at the earliest opportunity and minimise the spread of the fire and risk to passengers.  If you would like to arrange a fire risk assessment about total fire protection which will cover all types of fire, please get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your requirements.


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