Power Generator Fire Suppression Systems

Power generation and renewable power systems have unique challenges when it comes to fire protection. Electrical fires start due to lightning strikes, short circuits, electric arcs and resistive heating due to circuit overloads. Diesel powered generators also present specific fire protection challenges as they must often work in remote location under full load without interruption.

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Generator Fire Suppression

Constant load generators are often left to operate independently of any supervision. They are usually sited close to other assets including buildings and areas occupied by people.  However, with a Reacton automatic fire suppression system fitted we provide a 24/7, 365, day and night detect and defeat fire suppression system for any generator size. 


Wind Turbine Fire Suppression

A report in an UK newspaper recently cited that wind turbines may catch fire ten times more often than is publicly reported, potentially putting properties at risk and disrupting the supply of electricity.  With a Reacton fire suppression system that is tested and certified, we've got you covered. 


Renewable Fire Suppression 

With solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass energy becoming ever more mainstream, dealing with fires that start on these types of systems remains critical to local, national and international power networks. Fitting a Reacton fire suppression system provides a zero power, rapid response capability to dealing with assets operating in this sector. 

Power Generation Fire Protection Benefits

Protect Any Asset

Reliability, scalability and with an ability to operate effectively in harsh environments any asset can be protected by one of our certified systems.

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Easy to install

With a modular design & world class training all supported with standards-based documentation, Reacton systems ensure that it's simple for our systems to be installed within confined spaces.

3 Year Warranty

Reacton systems carry a robust three year warranty made possible through rigorous quality and exacting engineering standards. Compromise is not something you'll see in any of our solutions.


We're proud to have achieved the coveted global standard that is P Mark SPCR 199, a tangible demonstration of our unrelenting thirst for excellence. However, we didn't want to achieve a simple pass, we aspired for A+ and that's exactly what we've received. Why settle for anything less?

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Quality Components

We will never reduce our hard fought reputation for high standards. All our components are manufactured and checked with ruthless scrutiny.  Quality control is a way of life for us here at Reacton. 

BSI ISO9001:2015

Our quality management system audited by BSI annually ensures we operate our business efficiently to constantly improve on customer satisfaction.  Our products and procedures are amongst the best in the world.

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No Electrical Power

Whether your asset is operational of stood down, our system operates 24/7 365 with no power requirements. Simple, effective and trusted to operate as and when required, day or night. 

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Rugged Design

Our systems are designed to operate in harsh environments, one of many reasons why we offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on parts and labour.


Compliance to national and international standards is a must have.  As a global business we ensure our products meet and exceed legislative and regulatory standards.  Cylinders and valves are available in both CE & DOT specification.

Reacton Systems help protect your business.

View all our approvals and certificates in our dedicated accreditations section.

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Power Generator Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic fire suppression may be for a small charging station, mobile generator or clean energy storage device that could easily be forgotten about when it comes to fire protection, however, the equipment will be expected to work at a moment’s notice and then have a demanding schedule.

Fires will start small and the key is stopping them at the earliest stage to limit the damage but also stop the spread to nearby structures, which could be occupied buildings increasing the risk to life.

This highlights how easy it is to just focus on the main risk when it comes to local or object fire protection. An important note to take away from this is that mobile power generators can be used in unlimited locations so the risk from a fire can extend to that of just the generator unit.

When it comes to wind energy and wind turbines, a specialist automatic fire suppression system is required. The design of a Wind Turbine means that only compact systems and robust fire detection systems can only be effectively used, ruling out the traditional methods such as sprinklers and portable fire extinguishers.

The location of the turbine nacelle is high up and typically in a remote location. They are normally unoccupied and subject to harsh environments with debris. This is where a compact fire suppression system combined with durable detection tube come into their own. These fire suppression systems can be sited within the nacelle and avoid the common false alarms of traditional detection systems used in these environments.

Clean Agent systems from Reacton® offer fast and effective detection and fire suppression in a convenient package and are easy to roll out in a modular approach across your wind turbine requirements.

High Performance Systems

The purpose of Power Generation applications is to provide power, in many instances, they are providing backup and critical power so disruption and power interruption from fire damage is not an option. You must have a product you can rely on to mitigate this possibility.

Our Power Generator fire suppression system features include:
  • Latest technology in extinguishing mediums
  • Specific nozzle innovation
  • Stainless steel components
  • Approved systems
  • Purely pneumatic detection system.
  • All systems designed, manufactured and tested in ISO 9001: 2015 certified facilities
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What Extinguishing Agent?

Equipment associated with power generation cannot strictly be classified for just one type of extinguishing agent. Whilst some applications have sensitive electronic equipment and energy storage devices such as solar energy, others will have large quantities of fuels and hydraulic oils, as found in mobile generators.

Whatever the application is it will be covered by the Clean Agent and Dual Agents from Reacton®.

Clean Agents provide great protection from such a small amount of agent, making them ideal for the compact nature of many applications. Not only can you protect the energised equipment, it will also provide full protection for any Flammable liquids.

In a Dry Powder or Dual Agent configuration, you can protect areas having significant leakage and/or ventilation. In fact, you can actually protect a hazard that does not have an enclosure, Reacton® test for these scenarios in globally recognised testing facilities offering repeatable data and approvals.

We have the world's first UL Listing to UL2166 for Direct (DLP) Technology Clean Agent systems and we also hold UL2166 Listing for Indirect (ILP) Technology. 


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