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Reduce insurance premiums and protect waste and recycling equipment from fire.

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Recycling Plant

At the heart of any waste management operation, the waste picking conveyor is in constant use and at risk of over heating and catching fire.  Reduce the risk to life and financial loss by installing an automatic fire suppression system at your facility.


Loading Shovels

Our heavy vehicle fire suppression solutions are suitable for loading shovels due to the high temperatures in the engine compartment.  Our solution quickly suppresses a fire, isolates the battery and ensures minimal damage and driver safety.



With so many moving parts and often flammable materials being processed through a shredder, high levels of heat can easily lead to fire.  Our fire suppression systems quickly suppress a fire that could get out of control leading to total loss.



Engine compartments overheating in excavators often lead to fire which can spread to fuel and hydraulic lines in a matter of seconds.  The Reacton Fire Suppression system detects the fire and discharges the extinguishing agent immediately.

Reacton Systems help protect your business.

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Waste and Recycling Fire Suppression

Heavy mobile plant such as loading shovels, excavators and landfill compactors pose real and serious fire risk at waste and recycling sites which is where the Reacton waste management fire suppression solutions can help. Operating around the clock in some of the most grueling conditions, this plant is in direct contact with waste, much of which may be combustible. High temperatures, rapid air flows and flammable fluids in engine bays combine to create a near perfect environment for fires to start.

Every year in the UK alone, fire and rescue services attend around 300 significant fires in waste sites. With burn temperatures for waste reaching 1,200°C, industry and Fire and Rescue Services experience is that waste fires often do not behave in the same manner as fires in other materials which highlights the importance of having a fire protection system in place to deal with fires associated with recycled materials awaiting processing.

With fires at waste management sites presenting such a serious, resource intensive and costly problem, many insurers involved in waste management insist that operators fit automatic fire extinguishing equipment under plant engine bonnets and other high risk areas. A growing number also require specific certifications for systems, such as P-MARK SPCR 199, and if a system is installed that is not certificated to the insurer’s requirements, they may not accept it and it may invalidate the policy.

In addition, a standard and condition of most insurers is the ongoing maintenance, testing and checking of a waste management automatic fire suppression system after installation. In the event of a fire, operators may be asked to prove that they complied with these conditions and requirements and, if not, insurance may be invalidated.

With fire cited as the number one source of insurance claims in the industry, installing Reacton’s world-class automatic fire suppression systems to a recycling facility and heavy vehicles on site, fire protection will protect people, assets and operations from fire, day and night.

High Performance Fire Suppression Systems

Vehicles found in this environment have a demanding schedule and must perform around the clock. This is no different from the Automatic fire suppression that will also be subject to these conditions. Reacton® ensure that our equipment offers its high performance when called upon.

Our Vehicle Waste & Recycling system features include:

  • System & components tested to ISO 16750-3:2007
  • Corrosion resistance to ISO 21207:2016
  • Multi Port High Flow Discharge Valve
  • Robust detection system
  • Compact systems
  • High performance with low nozzle count
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Why Use Dual Agent Fire Suppression

Firstly, what is Dual Agent? Sometimes referred to as Twin Agent, this concept is essentially a combination of two types of extinguishing mediums discharged either simultaneously or serially, from two different discharge or piping networks but controlled by the same detection and release system.

Reacton® systems designed for Waste & Recycing vehicles will commonly feature the Dual Agent configuration. This is made up of both a Dry Powder and Wet Chemical system.

This Dual Agent configuration offers significant advantages to just one type of extinguishing medium, especially when compared to just Wet Chemical systems, where it can offer a 40% reduction in system size.

Dual Agent systems are an outstanding fire suppression method for waste management fire due to combining the individual features of Dry Powder & Wet Chemical into one extremely effective solution. So, not only can the system provide the rapid flame knockdown of Dry Powder with the cooling & blanketing properties of Wet Chemical the system is economical and significantly smaller than that of a Wet Chemical only system.


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