Off Road Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Reacton offers a range of automatic fire suppression system sizes ensuring that no matter what the asset or environment we have a certified solution that protects the operator and machine from the devasting consequences of fire.

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Usually operating in demanding environments, Loading Shovels require the highest standard in fire protection such as PMark 199.



With elevated operator cabins, operators face an additional risk during a fire as the operator is often unable to exit the machine quickly.


Articulated & Rigid Dumpers

Rigid and Articulated Dump Trucks are a real workhorse on any construction site and play a critical part in any project.


Forklifts & Teletrucks

Often working in confined and sensitive locations it's not just the forklift or teletruck that may suffer downtime as a result of a fire its also the cost of buildings and additional losses.  


Airport Ground Support (GSE)

GSE poses a significant threat to aircraft, cabin crew and passengers. Fitment of an automatic fire suppression system protects them.



When is use, Access Platforms pose a particular threat to operators should a fire start in the engine bay or power pack. A threat that's reduced with an automatic fire suppression system.



Port equipment is subject to a number of enviromental and adverse working than can increase the risk of fire.


Farm Vehicles & Equipment

Downtime for farm equipment needs to be kept to a minimum especially at key times such as harvest. Fire Suppression can reduce the risk of major disruption and limit risk.

Off Road Vehicle Protection Benefits

Protect Any Asset or Vehicle

Reliability, scalability and with an ability to operate effectively in harsh environments any off road vehicle can be protected by one of our certified systems.

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Easy to install

With a modular design & world class training all supported with standards-based documentation, Reacton systems ensure that it's simple for our systems to be installed within confined spaces like engine bays and transmissions.


3 Year Warranty

Reacton off road vehicle systems carry a robust three year warranty made possible through rigorous quality and exacting engineering standards. Compromise is not something you'll see in any of our solutions.



We're proud to have achieved the coveted global standard that is P Mark SPCR 199, a tangible demonstration of our unrelenting thirst for excellence. However, we didn't want to achieve a simple pass, we aspired for A+ and that's exactly what we've received. Why settle for anything less?

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Quality Components

We will never reduce our hard fought reputation for high standards. All our components are manufactured and checked with ruthless scrutiny.  Quality control is a way of life for us here at Reacton. 


BSI ISO9001:2015

Our quality management system audited by BSI annually ensures we operate our business efficiently to constantly improve on customer satisfaction.  Our products and procedures are amongst the best in the world.

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No Electrical Power

Whether your asset is operational of stood down, our system operates 24/7 365 with no power requirements. Simple, effective and trusted to operate as and when required, day or night. 

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Rugged Design

Our systems are designed to operate in harsh environments, one of many reasons why we offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on parts and labour.


Compliance to national and international standards is a must have.  As a global business we ensure our products meet and exceed legislative and regulatory standards.  Cylinders and valves are available in both CE & DOT specification.

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Reacton Systems help protect your business.

View all our approvals and certificates in our dedicated accreditations section.

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Off Road Vehicle Fire Suppression System 

Off Road automatic fire suppression for vehicles such as Airport Ground Support Equipment, Port Cranes, Loading Shovels and Forklifts, all have a punishing life and are there to get a job done. If they are not operating or are subject to a total loss due to a fire, their downtime can have a huge impact to the entire operation, whether it is an airport, container port or construction site.

These vehicles will have many flammable liquids on board such as the hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel, gasoline and lubricating oils. When combined with the heat of the turbochargers, manifolds and braking systems which can be exaggerated from their demanding schedules, they are ideal for fire conditions to start and derail your operation.

A simple way of protecting your investment is to provide an on-board vehicle Automatic fire suppression system in the Dual Agent configuration. Not only will it be able to provide rapid fire knockdown minimising fire damage and downtime, but it will also protect those superheated surfaces from reigniting.

Not all Dual Agent fire suppression systems are the same, Reacton® is the only manufacturer globally that is able to provide a fire protection system that meets the demanding testing program from the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). This is the P-Marked system to SPCR 199 accreditation.

Reacton® have set the benchmark for this standard by not only scoring the highest possible marks in the Fire suppression testing but also using an extremely compact and economical automatic fire suppression system size. This means approved systems are now accessible to Off Road vehicles previously not catered for such as your Forklift and Access Platforms.

High Performance Fire Suppression Systems

Off road vehicles have a demanding schedule and must perform in tough terrains, and climates. This is no different from the Automatic fire suppression that will also be subject to these conditions. Reacton® ensure that our equipment offers its high performance when called upon.

Our Off Road system features include:

  • System & components tested to ISO 16750-3:2007
  • Corrosion resistance to ISO 21207:2016
  • Multi Port High Flow Discharge Valve
  • Robust detection system
  • Compact systems
  • High performance with low nozzle count
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Why Dual Agent Fire Suppression

Firstly, what is Dual Agent when it comes to fire suppression? Sometimes referred to as Twin Agent, this suppression concept is essentially a combination of two types of extinguishing mediums discharged either simultaneously or serially from two different discharge or piping networks; but controlled by the same fire detection and release system.

Reacton® automatic fire suppression systems designed for Off Road vehicles will commonly feature the Dual Agent configuration. This is made up of both a Dry Powder and Wet Chemical system.

This Dual Agent configuration offers significant advantages to just one type of extinguishing medium, especially when compared to just Wet Chemical systems, where it can offer a 40% reduction in our automatic fire suppression system size.

Dual Agent systems are an outstanding fire suppression method due to combining the individual features of Dry Powder & Wet Chemical into one extremely effective solution. So, not only can the system provide the rapid flame knockdown of Dry Powder with the cooling & blanketing properties of Wet Chemical, the system is economical and significantly smaller than that of a Wet Chemical only system.

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