Residential Kitchen Automatic Fire Suppression.

Even the smallest risks can lead to disastrous losses. Kitchen located in high density accommodation blocks pose a specific risk. Reacton offer a compact fully automatic suppression system for detecting and suppressing small kitchen fires.

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Residential Kitchens

A fully contained automatic fire suppression system to detect and suppression fire that are often caused by auto-ignition of oil.


A+ Certified Systems 

Not all systems are created equal.

Delivering the very best protection for our customers comes from our core values. From engineering design through to product certification, Reacton ensures that all its systems and solutions deliver the maximum level of protection. 

Recent updates to PMark 183 & SP Method 4912 now shows system performance as a score from A+ to E. Its no surprise that Reacton's systems are all A+. 


No Power, No Fuss

Detection systems that don't run out of battery!

Reacton's primary detection and activation method do not require any integrations with any electrical system. This ensures that whatever the condition of electrical components on the vehicle the system will react to a fire when one occurs. With just one monitored moving part they are the most reliable systems in the world.

Plenty of Awesome Features

Protecting Residential Kitchens

Reliability, scalability and with an ability to operate effectively in any environments any kitchen can be protected by one of our certified systems.

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Easy to install

With a modular design & world class training all supported with standards-based documentation, Reacton systems ensure that it's simple for our systems to be installed within confined spaces.

3 Year Warranty

Reacton kitchen systems carry a robust three year warranty made possible through rigorous quality and exacting engineering standards. Compromise is not something you'll see in any of our solutions.


We're proud to have achieved the coveted global standard that is P Mark SPCR 199, a tangible demonstration of our unrelenting thirst for excellence. However, we didn't want to achieve a simple pass, we aspired for A+ and that's exactly what we've received. Why settle for anything less?

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Quality Components

We will never reduce our hard fought reputation for high standards. All our components are manufactured and checked with ruthless scrutiny.  Quality control is a way of life for us here at Reacton. 

BSI ISO9001:2015

Our quality management system audited by BSI annually ensures we operate our business efficiently to constantly improve on customer satisfaction.  Our products and procedures are amongst the best in the world.

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No Electrical Power

Whether your asset is operational of stood down, our system operates 24/7 365 with no power requirements. Simple, effective and trusted to operate as and when required, day or night. 

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Rugged Design

Our systems are designed to operate in harsh environments, one of many reasons why we offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on parts and labour.

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Compliance to national and international standards is a must have.  As a global business we ensure our products meet and exceed legislative and regulatory standards.  Cylinders and valves are available in both CE & DOT specification.

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This company’s unique and innovative products reflect the progressive and forward-thinking culture instilled throughout Reacton as a whole. Not only are Reacton extremely reliable and efficient – but they prioritise their customers and always go the extra mile. By providing customers with clear lines of communication with key decision makers, Reacton are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Graeme white – Sales Director – Atlas World – Northern Ireland

Reacton's products are perfectly aligned with our market’s needs, the product quality is of the highest calibre which gives us all peace of mind. But, as we know, in this day and age it's about how well the product is supported. This is where the ultimate differentiator is for us as a distributor, the support provided from the team from marketing and sales right through to technical support is fantastic. It's paramount for us to have that support and no one does it better.

Mark Haley – Director - Alliance Transport Technologies – UK

Fire Protection Technologies would like to acknowledge the great service and product support provide by the Reaction staff. During my recent visit to Reaction the staff went out of their way to be of assistance with product training and onsite system support. As a company that represents many OEM’s we find the commercial and technical support offered by Reacton is excellent. Fire Protection Technologies is proud to be associated with the innovative Reacton Brand.

Ron Cromb – Director, Fire Protection Technologies - Australia

For a few years Wiejelo Equipment has been dealing with Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd. Our organisation is very satisfied with the experience. We see in the support team and all other from the Reacton team in depth knowledge of fire suppression. Reacton knows the application especially earthmoving and Recycling equipment. Before we turned to Reacton Wiejelo did own system designs, we now experience shared knowledge. Reacton differs from known Suppliers because they are not a manufacturer of components only. Reacton excels with the outstanding DIOM’s and support documents. Their documentation undergoes updates and continuing new releases on regular bases. The e-tutorial method of training is class of its own. For us Reacton really was new experience.

Jacques Van De Meerakker – Director – Wiejelo Equipment - Holland

Chrinica’s dealings with Reacton has been nothing but professional. From the supportive and knowledgeable staff to the state-of-the-art product range. While the Reacton vehicle fire suppression systems are in a league of their own, the team is constantly looking at new and better ways to innovate & improve these systems to ensure the end-users safety.

Matthew Swanson – Director – Chrinica Solutions – South Africa

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