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We manufacture safety critical automatic fire suppression systems for a complete range of assets and industries. Our solutions are backed by our protection guarantee.

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Not all systems are created equal.

No two fires are the same, they start for varying reasons and often create very challenging conditions to control and defeat them. However, Reacton have a suite of scalable, tested and certified fire suppression systems able to automatically detect then knock down a fire before it has an opportunity to take hold.

With recently rated A+ fire suppression system certification provided to us from an internationally recognised fire test facility, we don't settle for less.  We leave 'compromise' for our competition. Contact Us to find out more.


Detection systems that don't run out of battery!

With no power requirements, our systems protect your assets 24/7 365, day and night. Throughout the relentless durability and corrosion tests our systems activate 100% of the time and we don't settle for anything less. With just one monitored moving part across the entire system,  Reacton Fire Suppression have the most reliable system in the world.



Have the right tool for the job!

At Reacton, our systems are the result of many years or Research & Development. Throughout this journey we have identified the best performing extinguishing agents for a huge range of applications. Delivering the correct extinguishing medium in the correct way allows for fast and effective fire suppression. 

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Protect any Equipment

Designed to be flexible our range of on automatic fire suppression systems  can be fitted to any equipment, without compromising on protection.

Easy to install

With a modular design & world class training, Reacton ensure that it is simple for systems to be installed in on any equipment that have limited room.

3 Year Warranty

Reacton automatic fire suppression systems carry a robust three year warranty that's only possible because of the robust engineering and quality that goes into every product.

Easy Adaptable

Reacton system can be integrated with any safety alarm or monitoring systems and can be adapted to any requirements of the customer.

No Electrical Power

With no reliance on electrical power or any interfacing the systems are always ready to detect and operate regardless of electricity supply condition.

BSI ISO9001:2015

Our quality management system audited by BSI ensures our products and procedures are amongst the best in the world.

Approved Systems

Reacton systems carry third party approvals and certification, meeting or exceeding the international standards and performing at the highest level in the most stringent and challenging conditions.

Rugged Design

Tested with almost all functional components constructed from stainless steel, vibration tested to ISO.


As a global business we ensure our products are compliant where ever they may be fitted. Cylinders are available in both CE & DOT specification.

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