Fire Protection for the Construction Heavy Lifters at Dubai Expo 2020

Emma Knight
November 19, 2020

The UK Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 is inspired by a project from the late scientist Stephen Hawkin. Currently under construction in the Opportunity district, it's one of 192 country pavilions that will be located in this architectural masterpiece made solely from organic materials, including timber and woven rope.

Ground was broken on the UK Pavilion in June 2019 and the project is due for completion in March 2021. With the overall construction progress around 40% complete, the 120 strong are working hard to keep the project on track.

With the substructure nearing completion, the team’s focus is on creating the façade and the superstructure. This is a phase in the project that relies on the heavy lifting of some of the strongest cranes on the planet that are powered by temporary generators from Byrne Equipment Rental and protected by automatic fire suppression from Reacton.

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Gary Sherrington-Boyd, General Manager at Reacton Fire Suppression explains: “Like any equipment powered by an engine, high temperatures, fast airflow and flammable fluids in generators are potential fire hazards.

“By installing automatic fire suppression systems on their equipment, Byrne Equipment Rental are protecting their generators and their customer’s operations from a fire should it arise."

Fire suppression systems installed in and around the fire risk areas of this vital equipment provides operators, prime project contractors and subcontractors with around the clock fire protection. If a fire occurs, Reacton’s system will detect the flame within seconds and deliver an extinguishing agent straight into the heart of the fire. With detection, actuation and delivery all taken care of automatically without the need for power, no human intervention is needed to discover or tackle a fire.

“Our customers rely on Byrne to power their operations in some of the most demanding and remote environments in the world”, said Katy Grice, Marketing Manager at Byrne Equipment Rental.

“We take pride in providing safe and reliable equipment, each and every time. Which is why our partnership with Reacton Fire Suppression is so important, as we rely on their systems to provide 24/7 protection from fire.”

Reacton’s automatic fire suppression systems are tested to meet the highest standards in the world. We’re passionate about fire safety so don’t just say our systems are the best; meeting and exceeding the demands of the most rigorous tests in the world means that our third party accreditations demonstrate that they are. We’re proud that our systems protect some of the most well known super structures and critical infrastructures on the planet.


UK Pavilion - photo by Expo 2020 Dubai  I Banner and social image by Arabian Gazette

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