What is automatic fire suppression?

Ed Chivers
July 16, 2020

Automatic fire suppression is a system that can detect and extinguish, or contain, a fire without having to rely on human intervention. In their simplest form, these systems have a means of detection, actuation and delivery.

Fully automatic fire suppression systems take away the need to depend on a person to discover and tackle a fire. Within seconds of a fire occurring, the detection system detects the radiant heat from the fire, automatically actuates the system and delivers the extinguishing agents straight into the heart of the fire. 



When fire protection is left solely to human interaction, there are inherent risks. Firstly someone needs to be physically present to be able to step in and many applications simply don’t allow for this due to location and/or environments not being accessible for humans. Examples are remote power generation, wind turbines and many industrial applications where noise, heat and contaminants are excessive.

You also have to consider whether the person is competent and trained to understand the early stages of a fire, as well as how to operate a handheld fire extinguisher correctly. Fires will often be very small when they start, occurring in areas that are difficult to both see and gain access to. Even if a fire is detected promptly, the application of the correct fire protection device and choice of extinguishing medium is reliant on the person present at that time.


All of these risks are mitigated when a Reacton automatic fire suppression system is installed. The fire suppression system is in charge of the detection, which will be located in and around the fire risk areas. It will offer repeatable detection in the hardest to reach areas without false alarms. The extinguishing agent will be precisely discharged and delivered straight into the heart of the fire. Most importantly, this happens without any person having to be present or involved. Meaning Reacton’s system provides fire protection day and night, keeping watch over your assets so you don’t have to.

If you're considering automatic fire suppression to protect your assets and want to discuss your options, get in touch with our team today by emailing info@reactonfire.com or call us on +44 (0)800 030 6526. 

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