Safe From Fire While Sweeping the Streets of Dubai

Emma Knight
December 10, 2020

AJI Heavy Equipment Rentals is a business built on safety. With their mission to improve the safety standards and conditions of rental equipment available in the market, they understand the importance of protecting their assets from fire.

No matter the size, type or machine function, fire protection is important

Along with the powered access, telehandlers and mini cranes you’d expect from a heavy machine rental company, AJI also offer specialist equipment, such as road sweepers, as part of their fleet.

One such machine is the Dulevo 5000 Veloce, a heavy duty sweeper that AJI rent to environmental waste services companies in Dubai. With speeds of up to 70 km/h, these industrial machines are the workhorses of waste management companies across the world, used to keep the roads of towns, cities, ports and airports clean. Like many of their heavy equipment counterparts, the heat, hydraulics, fans and fuels in the engine compartment combine to provide a near perfect environment for fires to start.

AJI sweeper install 1 AJI sweeper install 4


“Fire safety is a big topic of discussion at the moment in the UAE. With a number of well documented large fires in buildings and vehicles over the past year, the loss caused by these incidents has shown the importance of fire prevention”, says Gary Sherrington-Boyd, General Manager of Reacton Fire Suppression.

“For businesses like AJI Heavy Equipment Rentals, taking the decision to install automatic fire suppression means that their equipment and, ultimately, their livelihood is protected.”

Out of sight isn't out of mind

No matter the size, type or machine function, safety is always on the mind of owner Dean Jones. Not just in the selection and supply of machines, as AJI understand that there remains a duty of care to provide safe and reliable rental equipment. 

The addition of a Reacton automatic fire suppression system onboard ensures peace of mind that our customers, operators and investment are protected. Delivering on our mission to provide safe equipment each and every time.

“Out of sight isn’t out of mind. We take the safety of our customers, their operations and our equipment seriously”, comments Dean.

Put fires out fast

Reacton’s automatic fire suppression systems keep watch over your most valuable assets, so you don’t have to. Providing day and night fire protection for heavy vehicles, our A+ rated systems are installed in and around the fire risk areas. Within seconds of detecting the heat from the flames, the system will release an extinguishing agent straight into the heart of the fire. Protecting your assets and meaning your vehicles will be back in operation with minimal to no clean-up.

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