Reacton training in Ireland

Joseph Brookes
March 2, 2022

At Reacton Fire Suppression we are proud of our international status, we have a vast global reach with distributors all around the world who are provided with our industry-leading fire suppression systems, full marketing support and comprehensive training of our systems. In a recent blog post we shared news of Stephen Molyneux (A Fireward Engineer) training engineers for Tebra Trading, who will be installing our bus and coach fire suppression systems. Following the success of Stephen’s training in Dubai, Fireward Service Manager, Gary Warman, trained engineers from Atlas World who distribute our fire suppression systems in Ireland.

Gary was in Ireland for two days, providing training on our heavy plant and vehicle fire suppression systems. One of the engineers had previous experience with fire suppression systems, however, the training was still vital as machines change and there are potential knowledge gaps as fire suppression systems adapt- especially with the specifications and operations of a Reacton fire suppression system. By completing this training, it ensures that the Atlas engineers are up-to-date with their knowledge of our systems and how to install them.

Ireland 2

For the first day of training, Gary hosted a seminar for the fundamentals of our heavy plant and machinery fire suppression system, including how it works, the suppressant agents that we use, the approvals that we hold and the various components of our system. On day two, Gary and the engineers were on the machine for the training. From this the engineers were able to see the system in its environment and begin with the various aspects of training, including:

  • Full risk assessment
  • Design and configuration of the system according to the Risk Assessment
  • Installation and complying with the system parameters
  • Commissioning and maintenance

Our heavy plant and machinery are designed to function in the harshest of environments and approved to the highest standards, including the P-Mark SPCR 199 approval. Currently, we are one of only two companies worldwide to hold this approval and we were the first company to do so. Furthermore, we set the benchmark for this approval by achieving the highest possible score and an A+ grading, demonstrating our superior quality.

We have a strong relationship with Atlas World which has been on-going for 5 years. We look forward to our partnership with Atlas evolving as we grow with them by protecting more assets and saving more lives.

For more information on Reacton Fire Suppression products, please get in touch with the team by emailing or call us on + 44 (0)800 0306526.

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