Wind Turbine Fire Protection

Ed Chivers
August 6, 2020

Fire is an ever-present challenge faced by the wind energy industry. With 90% of wind turbine fires resulting in total loss of the turbine or severe damage, and the total cost per incident estimated at $4.5m, there’s no wonder fire protection is a serious topic of conversation in the energy sector.

Standing as tall as the statue of liberty and weighing more than a Boeing 757 aircraft, these energy producing giants present their own unique set of challenges when it comes to fire protection. If a fire starts their remote location, combined with the height of the turbine and the likelihood of the blade still rotating, makes it almost impossible for fire departments to tackle a blaze.

Lightning strikes, electrical malfunctions, mechanical failures and errors with maintenance are the main causes of fire ignition identified in wind turbine studies. With as many as 8,000 components powering these complicated machines, there’s no question that a well-planned maintenance schedule will keep wind turbines running efficiently and reduce the risk of a component related fire starting.

But for reliable, day and night fire protection, these studies recommend installing automatic fire suppression in and around the risk areas of a wind turbine. With no human intervention needed, these systems will keep watch over the critical areas, such as the nacelle, activating automatically and suppressing a fire within seconds of it occurring.

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