Collaboration Achieves Fire Safety Excellence in Malaysia

Paul Smith
June 6, 2024

With a total of 8,348 cases of structural fires recorded by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) in 2023 and with more than 90 percent due to electricity there is a definite need for fire suppression.

Reacton a global leader in fire suppression solutions, has recently partnered with Sedatech Sdn Bhd, a prominent distributor in Malaysia to help address this challenge.

This type of fire requires clean agent technology and Reacton are the first manufacturer in the world to achieve UL2166 listing for Direct (DLP) Clean Agent technology that complements our listing for Indirect (ILP) Clean Agent.

This collaboration has led to a significant milestone: securing approval for Reacton 1230 Clean Agent fire suppression systems from BOMBA, the Malaysian Fire Department.

Project Objective

Entering a new market requires more than just a robust product; it demands compliance with local regulations and gaining the trust of local authorities. For Reacton and Sedatech, the primary objective was to introduce and validate the Reacton clean agent solution to BOMBA, ensuring it met Malaysia's stringent fire safety standards.

Multi Faceted Strategic Approach

  • Presentation and Education: A detailed presentation was organized to introduce the Reacton clean agent fire suppression system. The session highlighted the system's efficiency, reliability, and the UL approvals that underline its quality.
  • Proof of Concept:To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Reacton solution, a proof of concept was arranged. This included live demonstrations and practical examples showcasing the system's capabilities.
  • Study of UL Approvals: BOMBA officials were provided with comprehensive documentation on Reacton's UL approvals. This included detailed reports and case studies from other regions, demonstrating the system's proven track record.

Watch our state of the art fire suppression system in action.

Execution Was Achieved Through Collaboration by Key Stakeholders

  • Sedatech Sdn Bhd: Coordinated the entire process, leveraging their local expertise and strong relationships with BOMBA.

  • Reacton Fire Suppression: Provided technical support and detailed information about the product, ensuring all questions and concerns from BOMBA were addressed.

  • BOMBA: Engaged in thorough evaluations, attending presentations, reviewing documentation, and observing live demonstrations.

The compact cylinder can be mounted inside or outside the panel and detection tube is routed around the panel components. 

Electrical_Panel_Clean_Agent 1

The Desired Outcome 

The joint efforts culminated in BOMBA approving the Reacton Clean Agent fire suppression system. This approval is a testament to the system's quality, safety, and effectiveness. It also opens doors for Reacton to expand its presence in Malaysia, ensuring better fire safety solutions across the country.

BOMBA Committee


In Conclusion

This case study exemplifies how strategic collaboration and thorough preparation can lead to successful market entry and regulatory approval. Reacton Fire Suppression and Sedatech Sdn Bhd's partnership has not only achieved a significant business milestone but can also now help achieve enhanced fire safety standards in Malaysia.


Reach out to Reacton to get world class fire suppression to protect your electrical and electronic equipment with the industry-leading UL2166 Direct (DLP) and Indirect (ILP) Clean Agent Technology.

For more information on Reacton Fire Suppression products, please get in touch with the team by emailing or call us on + 44 (0)800 0306526.

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