Reacton Joins IPAF To Promote Powered Access Equipment Fire Safety

Emma Knight
June 18, 2020

Fire safety is in our DNA. And although protecting people, assets and infrastructure from fire is our business, strongly ingrained throughout Reacton is a passion to educate, share best practice and create clear guidance to raise the levels of safety within our industry and those we protect.

Powered access equipment presents its own set of unique challenges when it comes to fire safety, which is why we’re delighted to join the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). With its commitment to promoting the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide, IPAF works with organisations in over 70 countries and runs training programmes in more than 750 accredited training centres.

With over a million powered access machines in operation across the world, this equipment has made working at height much safer. But with operators on platforms at heights of 50 metres or more, there’s no question that automatic fire suppression fitted to the engine of the equipment on the ground will protect the operator and the machine from the devastating impact of fire.

If a fire occurs, the fire suppression equipment detects the heat from the flames, automatically actuates the system and delivers an extinguishing agent straight to the heart of the fire. It takes seconds for a fire to be detected and knocked down, without having to rely on human intervention to spot or attempt to fight the flames.

Easily fitted to new or existing powered access equipment, contact us to discuss how Reacton's automatic fire suppression systems can protect your assets and people from the devastating effects of fire.

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