Reacton Fire Suppression: Protecting Plant at Indonesian Mines

Paul Smith
June 28, 2024

Dry Powder Agent protects Sany SY12550H Excavator 

Liotec were approached by PT Sinergi Multi Usaha, one of Indonesians leading mining companies for guidance on how to protect a new Sany excavator with a high-quality automatic fire suppression system that could meet their rigorous safety and performance standards.

After an extensive selection process, evaluating multiple systems for their reliability, efficiency, and technological capabilities, they ultimately chose the Reacton Fire Suppression System. PT Sinergi recognised and appreciated the quality of the Reacton system, which is a pillar of our business philosophy and when combined with our 3rd party global approvals, help give confidence to anyone moving into choosing a fire suppression system for the first time.  

The choice of Reacton not only underscores the robustness and reliability of our system but also highlights the advanced features that set us apart from others in the market.

Reacton Excavator SANY SY1250H - Controller
Reacton Excavator SANY SY1250H - Tubing and Nozzle
Reacton- Excavator SANY SY1250H Cylinders -1

The system comprised of three 18KG Dry Powder cylinders to protect the plant and operators in this demanding of environment.  Performance testing shows that Dry Powder is the single most effective agent for fast fire knockdown. All our single-agent systems for plant, machinery, and vehicles use dry powder. Our Single Agent system is performance and durability accredited to RI:SE P-Mark SPCR 183 and ActivFire.

The installation was carried out flawlessly, ensuring that the system integrated seamlessly with the plant equipment. The continuous updates and real-time information provided through the In-Cab Monitoring system have been particularly beneficial, offering the operators peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their role without worrying about fire hazards.

The level of trust and satisfaction from the end client reaffirms our commitment to delivering best in class fire suppression solutions for heavy plant and equipment.

PT Liotec Mitra Utama is a distributor partner for the maintenance and safety of heavy equipment, construction and industrial equipment, focusing on sales, installation, spare parts and repair. They are committed to delivering customers world-class products and service.

In the global market and free trade it has encouraged, PT Liotec Mitra Utama remains committed to providing the best overall product in terms of service, quality and price. Customer satisfaction is a key focus in providing the best solutions.

PT Liotec Mitra Utama has significant installation experience in various brands and types of heavy equipment and machines working in the mining, construction and industrial sectors in Indonesia and Reacton are proud to have them as a distribution partner.

For more information on Reacton Fire Suppression products, please get in touch with the team by emailing or call us on + 44 (0)800 0306526.

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