Automatic Fire Suppression Saves School Bus

Joseph Brookes
February 21, 2023

Recently, Reacton saved a school bus in Abu Dhabi from the devastating consequences of fire.

The vehicle was in the maintenance area and fortunately not on the road. The turbo outlet pipe clamp was lose, as it came apart it ignited the oil residue on the engine which caused the fire. Within seconds the Reacton system detected, activated and suppressed the fire which prevented it from spreading to the entirety of the vehicle and destroying it. There was no damage caused to the bus at all due to the high-performance fire suppression system in place.

The system was recharged, the clamp was replaced and the vehicle was back on the road. Without an effective fire suppression system, the situation would have escalated drastically.


Fires in buses and coaches are a far too common occurrence with 61% of these fires starting in the engine compartment. Of these 61% of fires, it should be noted that roughly 1/3 started with passengers present which increases the risk of injury and places greater emphasis on the requirement for automatic fire suppression. Reacton are industry leaders in vehicle fire suppression systems with international offices and a wealth of global partners.


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