Railway Automatic Fire Suppression

Our automatic fire suppression solutions are suitable for all applications within the rail industry including above ground and underground trains, to electrical and maintenance equipment.

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With the risk of electrical fire or diesel fire on freight and passenger trains, automatic fire suppression ensures both passengers, crew and assets are provided with maximum protection by detecting and quickly extinguishing the fire.



The risk to life in underground train fire scenarios is greatly increased in confined spaces. Automatic fire suppression identifies fires quickly without human intervention which ensures the safety of passengers and assets.



Generators are a notorious fire risk due to the risk of diesel ignition or electrical fire. Our automatic fire suppression systems quickly extinguish fires without the need for human intervention ensuring 24/7 monitoring of assets.



Railway maintenance vehicles and equipment used both on track and within maintenance bays such as wheel lathes can be protected from fire risk which can avoid downtime in the event of a fire by quickly extinguishing any ignition.

Reacton Systems help protect your business.

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Railway Fire Suppression

Rail networks across the world transport billions of people and move millions of tonnes of freight each year. Connecting major cities and crossing international borders, traditional and high-speed trains operate across a huge infrastructure that is largely powered by electricity.

With customers seeking to be connected by rail networks that operate more frequently and not tolerant of delays, operators are under pressure to keep their rolling stock moving and their tracks in service. A seemingly small incident can impact passenger safety and lead to costly delays.

Safety is the number one priority for rail operators and protecting people, assets and infrastructure from fire presents its own unique set of challenges. Each network has different methods of supplying power to the rolling stock, including overhead line equipment and substations with currents in excess of 1500 volts. Electrical fires are incredibly challenging to predict and once started, if left to burn undetected, their effects can destroy equipment beyond repair and spread quickly to nearby equipment or structures.

High Performance Railway Fire Suppression Systems

Vehicles found in this environment have a demanding schedule and must perform around the clock. This is no different from the Automatic fire suppression that will also be subject to these conditions. Reacton® ensure that our equipment offers its high performance when called upon.

Our Vehicle Waste & Recycling system features include:

  •  System & components tested to ISO 16750-3:2007
  •  Corrosion resistance to ISO 21207:2016
  •  Multi Port High Flow Discharge Valve
  •  Robust detection system
  •  Compact systems
  •  High performance with low nozzle count
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Rail Infrastructure Fire Suppression

Heavy plant and vehicles that support the rail infrastructure are an ever present fire risk. With high temperatures, rapid air flows and flammable fluids in engine compartments providing the perfect environment for fires to start, these machines can be damaged beyond repair and bringing a network to a standstill within minutes.

Automatic fire suppression systems installed in and around fire risk areas provide passengers, assets and network operators with around the clock fire protection. If a fire occurs, Reacton’s system will detect the flame within seconds and deliver an extinguishing agent straight into the heart of the fire. With detection, actuation and delivery all taken care of automatically, there’s no need to rely on human intervention to discover or tackle a fire.


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