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Edward Barnes
January 15, 2020

Reacton Fire Suppression Launches Brand New Global Website.

Today see the launched of Reacton's brand new global website and platform. Our new platform enables our existing and new customers to gain insight into our new automatic fire suppression products and services.  


The new website which has taken the team months to develop will allow Reacton to showcase products in a new way. Rather than specifically talking about the product our goal its to help educate and guide those who have very little knowledge of automatic fire suppression systems. This education journey helps people understand which system is right for them. By clearly showing what system is right, what the advantages and disadvantages systems have and what standard should systems be fitted to all ensure the right systems are chosen. This ultimately increases safety of the people and assets these systems are fitted to. 

The new site during its further develop with show animations of systems as well as interactive pages showing the risks in certain applications as well as live videos of fire being suppressed. Our distributors will be able to access all the latest documention and training directly through the website. Live chat and other exciting features will also follow in later updates. For now thou, we hope your enjoy the new site and the teams will be more than happy to answer any questions.


The Reacton Team.

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