Reacton Gains P-MARK SPCR183 Approval

Edward Barnes
January 21, 2020

Reacton Fire Suppression have successfully past the stringent testing for P-Mark SPCR183 at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden AB). This approval covers the performance of fire suppression systems for buses and coaches. Our bus fire suppression system performed as expected and passed all available tests to score a mark of 10, which gives the systems a rating of A+.

P-Mark according to SPCR 183 has been developed for fire suppression systems in engine compartments of buses and coaches. This established standard for fire suppression systems in buses and coaches benchmarks the performance of the fire suppression system out of 10. A systems must score a minimum of six point to pass. Many water-mist and foam system have achieved between 6 & 7 points. Reacton's new system scores 10 out of 10, leading to a A+ certification. The standard looks at,

  • Systems performance is evaluated to against various fire sizes and wind-speeds, such as low fires load, high fire load, hidden fires and class A fire tests.
  • The system and components must pass extensive and extreme vibration tests.
  • Additional testing for corrosion and environmental operating temperatures to ensure even in the worst case the system still discharges.
  • A factory inspection to ensure the quality control of the systems design and manufacturing.
  • Evaluation of the re-ignition of fires.

Reacton achieved the highest score possible in the P-Mark SPCR 183 with a 10/10 rating, this ensures that fires such as hidden fires and fires which occur in engine bays with high airflow can be extinguished. Reacton has certified its 9KG dry chemical system with a further 6KG & 4KG system being prepared for certification. This will ensure a variety of sizes to ensure that from the smallest bus engine bay up to larger coaches, all can be fitted with a compliant P-Mark SCPR183 fire suppression system for buses and coaches.

To find out more about this certification please visit the RISE website here.

A copy of our certification can be found on our approvals page by clicking here.


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