How Does It Work

At the core of every Reacton® product is its unique flexible detection tubing that delivers 100% effectiveness, with zero false alarms. Placed in and around the fire risk areas, the tubing will burst at the point of highest heat in the event of a fire. Keeping simplicity at the forefront, Reacton® have created two unique systems for use across a range of applications, namely the:

CT Direct System:

Offering a simple solution that will safeguard valuable assets, the CT Direct system works when the Reacton® detection tubing reacts with heat, creating internal pressure causing the tube to burst, accurately discharging the extinguishing medium directly on to the risk area.

This means that wherever the Reacton® tube is routed, the application has a nozzle, ready to detect, react and suppress.

CTX In-Direct System:

For applications which require a fire suppression system that can react within the most volatile of situations, the Reacton® CTX In-Direct system functions with the same principles as the CT Direct system, but with the addition of a network of double-braided or stainless-steel hoses strategically placed within the protected enclosure.

CT Direct Systems

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CTX-indirect Systems

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