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Wind Turbine Fire Suppression Systems

Worldwide carbon reduction is a key focus in today’s climate and we are seeing a significant increase in wind energy investment and installations. As the reliance of these remote and expensive turbines continues to grow so does the requirement for fire protection.

Reliable, robust and fully automatic fire suppression solutions are essential.

In each turbine nacelle there are a host of systems that have to work in harsh and remote conditions without fail. From the electrical control cabinets to the yaw & pitch motors, fires are a real threat.

Traditional fire protection solutions require large space requirements, are too heavy or rely on detection methods that aren’t suited to this environment.

Reacton® have a proven cost-effective system to eliminate fires from the source. Small space, low weight and with the Reacton® detection tubing makes this the ideal solution for this application.

The Solution –

CT Direct Systems

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CTX-indirect Systems

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Suitable System:

CTX-Indirect Systems

The Indirect System utilises the Reacton® tubing as a detection-only device. When the tubing ruptures, the extinguishing agent is delivered through a network of braided hose or stainless steel tubing ...

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Suitable System:

CT Direct Systems

The Direct System utilises the Reacton® detection tubing as both a fire detection device and the fire suppressing agent delivery system. The tubing is installed in and around the fire ...

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