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Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Engine rooms, valuable cargo, sensitive navigation equipment are all fire hazards in marine applications.

Confined spaces and common isolation from emergency support means a fully automatic fire suppression is vital. Reacton® have a range of extinguishing mediums that are suited to the high safety margins that confined spaces often require. Another issue of confined spaces is the location of the fire protection systems.

Reacton’s® range of systems can be easily installed in the hazard area, giving full protection.

The Solution –

CT Direct Systems

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CTX-indirect Systems

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Suitable System:

CTX-Indirect Systems

The Indirect System utilises the Reacton® tubing as a detection-only device. When the tubing ruptures, the extinguishing agent is delivered through a network of braided hose or stainless steel tubing ...

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Suitable System:

CT Direct Systems

The Direct System utilises the Reacton® detection tubing as both a fire detection device and the fire suppressing agent delivery system. The tubing is installed in and around the fire ...

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