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Kitchen Systems Fire Suppression

Whether in a hotel, school or restaurant, a kitchen has a host of risks with high heat, open flames and oils. In the commercial world, kitchen fires can devastate business which then may never fully recover and impose a real risk to customers if not dealt with quickly.

In the residential & domestic kitchen, these fires can rapidly cause severe building damage and therefore a highlighted risk for occupants.

Reacton® offers protection without false alarms and a focused injection of our specialised Class F wet chemical mediums. This removes the reliance of human interaction or waiting for a sprinkler system or standard fire alarm to act.

The Solution –

CT Direct Systems

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CTX-indirect Systems

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Suitable System:

CT Direct Systems

The Direct System utilises the Reacton® detection tubing as both a fire detection device and the fire suppressing agent delivery system. The tubing is installed in and around the fire ...

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Suitable System:

CTX-Indirect Systems

The Indirect System utilises the Reacton® tubing as a detection-only device. When the tubing ruptures, the extinguishing agent is delivered through a network of braided hose or stainless steel tubing ...

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